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Adult Standards (No rap here, folks,...unless we feel like it)

Jay Bradley, drums
Scott Heth, keyboard
Wanda Houston, vocals

The HBH BAND, (Heth, Bradley & Houston), celebrate their 13th year of performing together in 2018 and look forward to continuing the joy of music for the years to come. The music they perform is Jazz, but they were born in the same year and find influences from all the music they know and love. R & B, Rock, Country, Gospel, Musical Theater, Blues, Classical is in their soul and you will hear it in their song. Below is a sample of our work, recorded live by one of our good friends:

Click here to see our at-homes L.O.V.E. song on Youtube!

Jay Bradley

Jay Bradley has been "covering all the bases" from R&B, Small and Big Band Jazz and Musical Theater in the Berkshire, Litchfield and Dutchess County area for 20-plus years.  Have drum kit will travel.  Speaking of which, Jay plays Premier and Modern Drum Shop Drums as well as Istanbul Cymbals.

Scott HethScott Heth is so quiet that we have not heard from him. He speaks with his keyboard.

Wanda HoustonWanda Houston is a professional singer, actress and song stylist who has traveled the stages of the world searching for the perfect song and performance. Her travels brought her to The Berkshires in 2001 where she has continued to "search" in Musical Theatre, Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Blues, Folk and Rock-'n-Roll.

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